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St. Patrick's day parade

St. Louis has two fantastic parades celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and I hope all our dancers and families will be joining our MT school in both parades!

  • The Downtown Parade is Saturday, March 14th.  It starts at 12 noon on Market and 20th Streets, travels east on Market, and ends at Broadway and Clark Streets.

  • The Dogtown Parade is Tuesday, March 17th.  It starts at 11:00am (new time!) on Oakland and Tamm Avenues, travels south on Tamm and ends at Manchester Ave. 

Parade units are lined up numerically, and as soon as we get our unit number for each parade, we will let everyone know.  Also, parade units are grouped for purposes of judging, and there are guidelines which the judges use to evaluate every unit.  Therefore, we ask that everyone listen for instructions the morning of each parade (for example, a few dancers or parents may be asked to help carry banners or flags, be wheel walkers, etc.).  Parents and family members will march separately in a group behind the dancers.  For the safety of our children, all dancers must have a parent, other dance parent, or other responsible adult march with our unit in MT parade apparel.



All MT dancers, parents, and families are invited and encouraged to march with our school in the St. Louis Downtown and Dogtown St. Patrick's Day parades. Please note, however, that our school does require "Parade Attire" for everyone (dancers, parents, families, and friends) who will be marching with MT.  Following is the required "parade attire":

PRESCHOOL DANCERSPreschool dancers have the option of sitting on the float or marching with the school. And they have the choice of wearing a beginner costume OR MT track jacket/MT quarter-zip with black pants. The girls beginner costume consists of:  blue embroidered skirt, white blouse, matching cape, blue spankies, white poodle socks, with clean white tennis shoes.  They may wear a curly bun wig with blue scrunchy and white bow if they’d like! 😊 If weather is cold, preschool dancers may wear MT track jacket/quarter-zip over their costume, and layer underneath with nude or flesh-colored tights, thermal undershirt, etc.  White or black gloves. 

Beginner:  Beginner dancers have the option of wearing complete beginner costumes (blue skirt, white blouse, blue cape, clean white tennis shoes, clean white poodle socks, bun wig with blue scrunchie and white bow, OR MT track jacket with black pants.  Boys costume consists of black shirt, royal blue tie, black pants, black socks, and black tennis shoes.   If weather is cold, beginner dancers may wear MT track jacket over costume and layer underneath with nude or flesh-colored tights, thermal undershirt.  White or black gloves.  Cape not necessary for parade if wearing track jacket. 

Advanced Beginner / Novice: Advanced Beginner / Novice dancers have the option of wearing complete beginner costume (blue skirt, white blouse, blue cape, clean white tennis shoes, clean white poodle socks, bun wig with blue scrunchie and white bow, earrings) OR Blue school dress with bun wig (with blue scrunchie and white bow), earrings, clean white poodle socks, and clean white tennis shoes. If weather is cold, layer underneath with thermal undershirt and nude or flesh-colored tights, and WHITE stretchy gloves.  Dancers wearing beg skirt and blouse may wear MT track jacket and layer underneath. 

Novice/Prizewinner: Novice/Prizewinner dancers will wear show costumes, which consists of black skirt, black leotard, blue sash around waist, full wig, matching costume headband with white bow, costume earrings, black opaque tights, tennis shoes.  If weather is cold, Novice/Prizewinner dancers may wear MT track jacket over show costume.  If 10am dancers do not have show costume, they may wear their MT track jacket with black pants, full wig, and tennis shoes.  


PC/OC DANCERS:  Champ show costumes, consisting of black leotard, blue skirt, cape with shield, show earrings, black opaque tights, full wigs, matching headband, white bow.  Please remove white tape from straps on hard shoes.



(All parents, siblings, and/or friends who plan on marching with the MT float):  MT track jacket OR black MT quarter-zip sweatshirt with black pants.  If cold weather, layer underneath.

Weather Information


HOT WEATHER: Only if weather is very warm, all dancers (other than those in beginner costumes)             may wear black MT uniform T-shirt/tank with matching shorts/skorts.  Girls wear either bun wig (with blue scrunchie and white bow) OR full wig (with school headband), poodle socks, and white tennis shoes.  Parents may wear black or royal blue MT T-shirt with black bottoms if hot weather. Note:  Everyone will be notified at least one day before parade if hot-weather plan will go into effect.    

RAIN: If a rain day, the parade will still go on!  All dancers wear MT track jacket or quarter-zip with black pants.  No wigs. Girls will wear royal blue bows/ribbons in hair.  Everyone will be notified the day before.    

Please note:  In case of very cold weather, feel free to add Royal Blue scarves etc…just please keep in our school spirit color scheme! Thanks!  


I hope all this information helps you with planning for the upcoming parades. We will be sharing out more parade info as it becomes available.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 

Here’s to the best St. Patrick’s Day parade yet in 2020!!

*** If you need to order "Parade Attire" (track jackets and 1/4 zips), please email