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Private lessons should not be a substitute for regular classes. These lessons should primarily be utilized to enhance a dancer’s preparation for an upcoming major event or learning new steps. 


General rules for dancers wanting to schedule private lessons:

  • Dancer must be enrolled in at least 3 classes per week (not including Show Team or Ceili)

  • Dancer must attend all regularly scheduled classes 

  • Dancer must actively participate and engage in classes

  • Dancer must regularly practice at home

There are specific circumstances where private lessons will be authorized outside of the noted general rules above:

  • Dancer has transferred from another school

  • Dancer has qualified for the next dancing level, and needs to learn additional steps for class

  • Dancer has qualified for Oireachtas and needs to learn Oireachtas steps for class

  • Dancer is preparing for a grade examination

  • Dancer is returning from a longer-term injury or illness

  • Teacher has suggested private lessons






*Generally reserved for PC/OC dancers, but may offer shared private lessons for non-champ Oireachtas soloist (Sept-Nov). Beginner-Prizewinner dancers may also request a 30 minute consultation with Meghan (based on availability).



Contact the instructor directly to schedule your private lesson:

Email Meghan at

Text Doxey at 314-681-5203 or email at

Text Margaret at 636-544-6476 or email at

Text Kelly at 918-510-9279 or email at

Text Colleen at 630-453-3481 or email at

Text Nora at 314-753-3424 or email at

Text Sierra at 314-323-7401 or email at

Text Emily at 314-258-1593 or email at

Text Kara at 410-220-7220 or email at

**In order to ensure adequate availability of private lessons for all dancers, there is a limit of 1 lesson per dancer in the week leading up to a St. Louis feis.



Private lessons fees are posted on your Jackrabbit Parent Portal when the private lesson is scheduled. Payments are due 24 hours in advance of the lesson. You can pay via eCheck or credit card directly within the Parent Portal. You can setup auto-charge under ePayments in Payments & Billing and have private lessons auto-charged to your credit card 24 hours in advance. 

If paying cash, please put the cash in an envelope with your name and lesson date and provide directly to the instructor at the time of the lesson. 


Late Payments


If a private lesson is not paid by the time of the lesson, the credit card on file will be automatically charged for the cost of the lesson. 



Private lessons must be canceled at least 24-hours in advance. Failure to cancel a lesson will result in full charge for the lesson. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances (weather, illness, emergencies) will be made at the discretion of the instruction.