Solo Dress Info for Girls / Waistcoat Info for Boys:

A solo dress is an individual, custom-made dress that Novice / Prizewinner and Champion girl dancers wear during local and major competitions. Boys wear “waistcoats” (solo vests or jackets). 


MT dancers must earn a first place in both a hard shoe (Treble Jig, Hornpipe or St. Patrick’s Day) and soft shoe (Light Jig, Reel, or Slip Jig) Novice competition. The competition must contain at least 5 competitors.  Specials (1 step down the line) do not count towards solo dress / waistcoat qualifications. 


Novice / Prizewinner and PC/OC dancers are not required to wear a solo dress to compete at a competition. You may elect to wear an MT ceili dress or appropriate ‘black out’ attire. MT dancers are required to wear a solo dress (or ceili dress if qualification has not been obtained) at all major competitions. Please always confirm with Meghan regarding costume approval.

New Dress & Vest Purchases

All solo dress and vest final designs must be approved by Meghan prior to purchasing.  You will work directly with the designer to complete the entire process of purchasing a new dress. Meghan will be involved in approving the initial colors request and final design approval only. 


**If you would like Meghan to work directly with the designer to design your dancer’s dress or waistcoat, email to request a dress consultation. A fee of $150 will be charged to your Jackrabbit account. Designing a dress is extremely time-consuming.  There is constant back and forth between the designer, parent, and myself. 


Here are the steps to follow when purchasing new:

  1. Color approval - Email Meghan at with your preferred color combinations. Meghan will provide approval or other options to consider. 

  2. Select a designer - look at the designer’s websites and social media sites to see what types of styles you like.  Here are a few designer’s recommended by MT, but there are many others in the industry:

    1. John Carey

    2. Elevations

    3. Rising Star

  3. Confirm availability of delivery date / pay a deposit - most designers require payment of a deposit when confirming your dress delivery date. 

  4. Idea submission - the designer will reach out to you 1-2 months before your delivery date (or at time of deposit) and ask that you submit color recommendations and other dress designs that you like. 

  5. Design review - the designer will send you 1-2 design options (varies by designer) to review. You will send feedback back to the designer on changes you wish to make. If there are elements you would like to change, please make the modifications in advance of the final review with Meghan.

  6. Design approval - email the final design sketch to Meghan at for final approval. Meghan may have some changes that may require updates by the designer. Keep this in mind as some designers have a limited number of sketches before additional charges are incurred. 

  7. Measurements - the designer will request measurements of your dancer and send you specific instructions on how to measure. Some designers set up a skype / zoom meeting while others require photos to be submitted.  It is recommended that you double and triple check your measurements to confirm the tape measure didn’t move. It is also recommended you measure the dancer at various times throughout the day as mid-section measurements can change depending on time of day. All measurement questions should be directly referred back to the dress company. Meghan does not measure the kids herself. If you prefer someone other than yourself to do the measurements, you may contact a local seamstress.

  8. Select bling package - some designers give you the option of selecting a bling package. You have the option of adding additional bling once you receive your dress, but that often ends up costing more than the designer's initial pricing. 

  9. Final payment - once your dress is almost complete the designer will request final payment. 

  10. Shipment - the designer will send you tracking information once your dress is shipped. 


Additional notes:

  • Request a number clip when purchasing your dress. This will ensure the number clip is sewn into the dress / vest.

  • Request a headpiece or side piece if you would like one that matches your dress.

Used Dress & Vest Purchases

All used solo dresses and vests must be approved by Meghan prior to purchasing.  Used dresses are often for sale at feises and major competitions on a dress rack or used dress room. You can also search online on various websites or social media sites including:


We recommend (if possible) that you physically try on the dress before purchasing to confirm the fit. If alterations are required, check to make sure there is enough material if let out is needed.