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The Meghan Torno Motto

With so many new families and faces around our studio, I wanted to take this time to share my mantra for our studio. This is the foundation of which I’ve built this school on, and the values I do my best to live out every day to provide the best irish dancing experience for my students and families. I strive for the best for our students and families, and for me our number one priority is the student’s experience. Without their happiness and dedication this school would not be where we are today. I want every student to feel comfortable, strong, respected and successful in their irish dancing career. I am so proud of the school we have built, and the incredible people that fill the MT family. 

  • We respect each other: We accept every student from the moment they walk in the door. No matter where they are in life, we want every MT dancer to feel that this is a place they can express themselves and live their passion, and a place they can call home. Some students come to the studio once a week, some students come every day – no matter how much of a commitment Irish Dancing is in your life, we want your experience in our studio to be a successful one and we want this school to be a place you are challenged, you grow, you have fun and form life long skills and friendships that will take you long past your years as a dancer. 

  • We have each others backs: At MT, we are a team in many ways. First, we are a supportive family who is there for everyone and supports each other through the highs and low. We cheer on our team members (even when they are in the same competition), and we have each other’s backs through thick and thin. Our teachers vow to be there for each student when they need it the most, weather that’s helping run a practice at a feis, helping out with a costume at a performance or taking the time to talk through a problem with a student in class, we want every student to have trust in their teachers and teammates that we will always be there for them.

  • We inspire each dancer’s journey: Though we want every student to feel part of a team and a part of the MT family, an individualized experience for each student is important to us. This school is not a one-size-fits all, which is what makes MT so unique. I’ve been teaching dancing for XX years, and through this time I’ve learned that every dancer is different – which is what makes this sport so amazing. We tailor class to fit the needs of each dancer, weather that’s taking a dancer aside for a few minutes to rework a piece in a step, changing the style of a class to fit the needs of a dancer that day (maybe one day a dancer needs more stamina work and the next day they need more technique work). We provide a size of classes that allows our teachers to work with each student individually. This individualized attention instills confidence in each dancer and helps form a strong relationship between each student and teacher.

  • We work hard (and have fun!): Irish dancing is an incredible sport to be a part of, and our hope is that it becomes a huge part of every dancer’s life. Dancing has been a part of my life since I was three years old and throughout the years I’ve learned the reward that hard work can bring. We encourage every dancer to work hard and dedicate their time in class to bettering themselves and their dancing. We want every student to grow as a dancer and as a person in our studio, and this can only be done through hard work and dedication. Of course, with dancing also comes a lot of fun times and memories. We want every student to have a positive experience inside and outside of our studio. The family we have built is one that loves to be together and the relationships built at this school are ones that will last a lifetime!

  • At MT we strive to keep the perfect student-to-teacher ratio, so each dancer gets proper attention and 1:1 time with our teachers. This also allows for our teachers and dancer's to create a strong bond, for hands-on attention to detail for each student and allows time to have fun during class! We really get to know the personality of each and every student, so that we can understand what each dancer needs to succeed. Since our classes are small-mid size, our goal is to make every dancer feel like they have our teacher's full attention, support and love!