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THe MT Commitment

At Meghan Torno we believe we are more than just a dance studio. We strive to build a welcoming community that supports and respects one another. We want the best for our students and families, and our number one priority is the student’s experience. As we continue to grow as a school and community our number one promise is to retain our commitments to the things that set us apart.


Committed to Our MT Community

We understand the commitment required from both parents and dancers and the sacrifices that are made on a daily basis to be an Irish Dancer. Parents/families are an integral part of our school and without you, we wouldn’t be who we are. We want you to know that we are just as committed to each and every student who has chosen our school, because once you are here… you are family. It is the mutual commitment from our families and our teachers that not only makes us who we are, but sets us apart from the rest. At MT we are building lifelong friendships that go well beyond the studio and your time here.


Committed to Each Dancers Journey

We are committed to providing a unique and individualized experience for all dancers. At MT we meet every dancer where they are, both in life and skill. Whether a student comes to the studio once a week or every day of the week, we are not “one size fits all” studio. We offer individualized instruction and programs to cater to each dancer's needs -- to achieve their goals (whether that's to win the world championships or it's to have fun while exercising). We tailor classes to fit the needs of each dancer.


Committed to Providing the Best

We keep our class sizes smaller than other schools so we can offer the perfect student-to-teacher ratio that allows our teachers to work individually with each student. This individualized attention instills confidence in each dancer and helps form a strong relationship between each student and teacher. Additionally, this ensures our commitment of meeting a dancer where they are and understanding what they need to meet their goals and succeed.


Committed to Working harder, Playing harder

At MT, our standards are as high as our kicks. And, as a current member of the MT community we already know that by choosing our school you value hard work, dedication to the sport and most importantly being a part of this crazy but beautiful Irish Dance community. We encourage every dancer to work hard and dedicate their time in class to bettering themselves and their dancing. With all that hard work, we want to make sure our dancers are also having fun! As a school we are committed to providing opportunities that bring us together and celebrate Irish Dance and the community we have built. Whether it be a trunk-or-treat or teams getting together at someone house. The relationships you build here at the studio will last you a lifetime.