In the world of Irish Dance, the Oireachtas is an annual regional championship competition.  Prestigious in its own right, the Oireachtas also serves as a qualifying event for the North American Irish Dance Championships (Nationals) or the World Irish Dance Championships (Worlds).  The Meghan Torno School of Irish Dance is part of the Mid-America region, one of the seven regions in North America.

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The 2020 Mid-America Oireachtas will take place in Indianapolis, IN on November 26, 27, 28 and 29th. The indicative day schedule will be published in the next few weeks and will be based on registration. There is no ceili or traditional set competition for 2020.


Some Oireachtas information and rule reminders for you as you make your Oireachtas plans.

1. Medalists in qualifier count 
2. Costume rule
3. U10, U9, U8 no makeup rule

1. 2019 world Medalists in qualifier count:  Please see the below notation taken from the CLRG World syllabus.  This means we will not be skipping 2019 world medalists when calculating our 2020 Oireachtas world qualifiers. 

  • In calculating the number of qualifiers from a Regional Oireachtas dancers deemed to have already qualified by having attained medal winning positions at Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2019 will count as competitors but not as qualifiers.  

2. A reminder of the CLRG costume rule.  Due to many circumstances, there may be more dancers this year at our Oireachtas who opt to wear "black out" attire. This rule applies to dancers U15 and older who do not wear a traditional costume. Please remind your dancers U15 & older to bring a spare pair of tights with them.  

  • CLRG Rule 5.1.1 - Costume Length: Length of costumes must adhere to principles of modesty and enable dancers to safely execute their movements and steps.  Adjudicators who determine a costume to be too short or to lack modesty may ask a competitor to change into black tights (of a denier not less than 70 per cent) in order for the dancer to continue in the competition. When wearing body suits with skirts (commonly known as black-out attire) black tights (of a denier not less than 70) must be worn from the age of 14 and above. Effective date: 1st February, 2020

3. CLRG & IDTAMA U10, U9, U8 no makeup rule

  • CLRG Rule 5.2.2 - Make-up (including false eyelashes and tanner on the face) is not permitted for dancers, in either solo or team competitions, up to and including the Under 10 age group.  

  • IDTAMA regional guideline:  Procedure for dancers in the Under 10 & younger age groups regarding makeup:

    • There will be announcements at the stages that no makeup is allowed to be worn in these age groups. Dancers wearing makeup will not be allowed to compete. Monitors will check dancers for makeup side stage before the competition begins and during the competition. The teachers of any dancers found in violation of this rule will be called to the stage to take care of their dancers wearing makeup. Wipes will be available side stage for makeup removal. This procedure will be publicized ahead of time to make teachers and parents aware of the rule.  (JAN 2020)



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Details on hotels and block reservation open dates and times will be posted on the Oireachtas website and Facebook page. Meghan will email impacted families directly in advance of the block opening.  


The full MT 2020 Oireachtas Guide will be posted in the fall. 


Please visit the Competition/Performance policy for reminders on about the Oireachtas. Providing the look, getting ready for your competition day, preparation leading up to the Oireachtas and more!