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MT Class information

Dancers should be ready to begin class at the start of class time, with shoes tied, hair pulled back, appropriate class attire and a water bottle. If this means arriving to the studio 5-10 minutes early to tie shoes and prepare, please do so. It can be distracting to the dancers and their classmates when one arrives late to class, and we want to make sure every dancer has the full class time to practice. 

Class will begin with warm ups and light stretching, and then will move into steps, drills and practice. Class will end on time and parents should arrive on time to pick up their child. 

Our goal for every class is to make the most of our dancer's time in the studio and with their teachers. We pride ourselves on a reasonable student to teacher ratio, so every child receives the attention they deserve. We strive to provide a positive, fun environment in every class, but we also know that class time is crucial in creating a successful experience for our dancers, so we do expect dancers to be focused and ready to work hard in every class. Parents are asked to please wait in the lobby until class is complete, and to respect that the teachers typically have another class following, so if you need to speak with a teacher please email to set up a meeting outside of class time, we would be happy to schedule one! 

Class Attire: 

Dancers should wear MT attire to class, including any MT top, and black MT skort or shorts, white poodle socks, and dance shoes. Feis or major competition shirts are acceptable for class as well. Preschool dancers are more than welcome to wear MT gear, but are not required.


We have some shorts and t-shirts available for purchase at the studio and a full offering of items through our online store. The online store is opened up to all families a few times a year, but items can be purchased outside of this time through special request. Please email to get more information on ordering outside of the school purchase time.

This policy was primarily put in place to ensure dancers are properly prepared to participate in class. However, we also want to eliminate peer pressure due to trendy brands and, most importantly, we want our students to feel a sense of belonging to a group. We may dance as individuals, but MT stands together as one team!


Class Cancellation: 


If class if cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or weather, we will notify via email and Facebook. 

Class Policies:

Dancers should wait in the lobby until the prior class is officially dismissed. Parents and siblings are asked to wait in the lobby during class and in between classes. We have a lot of traffic coming in and out of the studio, so we appreciate your help in keeping our dancers focused. 

Other Class Reminders:

  • ONLY water is allowed in the studio. No sugary sodas or sports drinks. 

  • No food allowed in the studio and please keep food in the lobby to a minimum. Throw away food-related garbage outside of the studio. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our studio and lobby a clean and safe environment for everyone.

  • No street shoes in the studio.

  • Please retrieve dancers directly from the studio. Younger dancers should not walk to the parking lot alone. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our dancers safe.

  • Dancers should keep their personal items packed within their bag within the lobby under a bench to allow for ample walking space.

  • Lobby space can be tight so please clear out as soon as possible after your dancer's class to allow room for the next class to prepare. 

Class Schedule: 

Download the full Session 1 calendar here

We offer a variety of classes for all levels of dancers. All classes include both soft shoe and hard shoe unless noted. Class registration is completed through the online Jackrabbit Parent Portal. If you have questions on what classes are appropriate for your dancer, please email

Tuition Information

Tuition rates for each class are listed within the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Prices shown reflect the standard monthly rate for 4 classes a month. In the event there are more or fewer classes within a given month, the prices is automatically adjusted.