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MT Class information

Dancers should be ready to begin class at the start of class time, with shoes tied, hair pulled back, appropriate class wear and a water bottle. If this means arriving to the studio 5-10 minutes early to tie shoes and prepare, please do so. It is distracting to the dancer's and their classmates when one arrives late to class, and we want to make sure every dancer has the full class time to practice. 

Class will begin with warm ups and light stretching, and then will move into steps, drills and practice. Class will end on time and parents should arrive on time to pick up their child. 

Our goal for every class is to make the most of our dancer's time in the studio and with their teachers. We pride ourselves on a reasonably student to teacher ratio, so every child received the attention they deserve. We strive to provide a positive, fun environment in every class, but we also know that class time is crucial in creating a successful experience for our dancer's, so we do expect dancer's to be focused and ready to work hard in every class. Parents are asked to please wait in the lobby until class is complete, and to respect that the teachers typically have another class following, so if you need to speak with a teach please email to set up a meeting outside of class time, we would be happy to schedule one! 

Class Attire: 

Dancer's should wear MT wear to class, we have a variety of shorts, t shirts and athletic clothing available, which are all acceptable for class. Our "uniform" policy is set to create a sense of "uniform" in class. We've found that dancers are more focused and comfortable when all wearing MT gear in class. Plain black shorts, skorts and tops are also acceptable. 


Class Cancellation: 


If class if cancelled for unforeseen circumstances or weather, we will notify via email and Facebook. 

Class Schedule: 








Private Lesson Information: 

General rules for dancers wanting to schedule private lessons:

  • Dancer must be enrolled in a Competitive or Teacher Invite Courses

  • Dancer must be attending all regularly scheduled classes

  • Dancer must be actively participating and engaged in classes and practicing at home


There are specific circumstances where private lessons will be authorized outside of the noted general rules above:

  • Dancer has transferred from another school

  • Dancer has qualified for the next dancing level, but needs to learn additional steps for class

  • Dancer has qualified for Oireachtas and needs to learn Oireachtas steps for class

  • Dancer is preparing for a grade examination

  • Dancer is returning from a longer-term injury or illness

  • Teacher has suggested private lessons

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