Our favorite time of the year comes every March....St. Patrick's Day season! This season is so exciting for our dancers as it's a time for them to perform and celebrate this amazing sport. MT participates in both St. Louis parades, Downtown and Dogtown (more information on parades here), and participates in numerous performances around St. Louis. 

Our MT School is often asked to perform at various places and venues throughout the year, however, the St. Patrick’s Day season is by far the most requested time for performances. These venues are retirement homes, schools, parent clubs, businesses, fairs, festivals, weddings, among others. Dancers in all classes at MT are invited to participate in performances, but not all classes perform at all shows....otherwise, the performance length would be too long.  So, we have certain classes perform at different shows.

Once we have scheduled all performances for the St. Patrick's Day season we will share details on this page including location, dates and time for your dancer to arrive at each performance.  The only requirements to participate in performances for your dancers are:


1) Preschool or Beginner dancers must attend class each week to practice the show routines. Advanced Beginners and above register and attend Show Team classes.

2) Dancers must have a complete performance costume or place an order for one.

Show Team Classes


Each year, MT will form show teams for the St. Patrick's day season performances. All dancers in the school are invited and welcome to be on a show team.  By having show team practices, we are able to put together really fun show routines without taking time away from regular weekly classes.  Stay tuned for practice times and dates beginning in January!

For information on MT 2020 Show Teams, click here

Show Team Costumes


The beginner costume consists of blue embroidered skirt, white blouse with blue piping, embroidered cape, blue spankies, bun wig, blue scrunchie, white bow, white poodle socks, and soft dance shoes.

The skirt, blouse, and cape are made for each dancer by our costume maker, Mary Petty. The total cost for skirt, blouse, and cape is $90.  One of our dance moms will match each dancers’ hair for a bun wig at class.  Orders can be placed for the bun wig, scrunchie, and bow with this dance mom directly.  (Bun wig is $40, scrunchie and bow total $20).  Dancers will wear this beginner costume for all shows throughout the year (and even next year if costume still fits!). 

Show Team Costumes:

All other dancers will wear the official MT Performance costume. The costume consists of: black leotard, black wrap skirt, blue sash around waist, full wig, show team headband, white bow, black opaque tights. The order form to buy a costume is linked below. 

Champ Show Team Costumes:

Champ show costume consists of:  Black turtleneck leotard, blue skirt, black opaque tights, blue cape, blinged teardrop at shoulder and MT emblem at bottom, blue spankies, full curly wig, headband (the newest version), white bow, and blue earrings.  Most of our champ dancers already have these items; however, we recommend trying everything on to make sure it still fits properly.  

Performance Schedule

2021 Performance schedule coming soon!