Class Attire

Dancers should wear MT attire to class, including any MT top, and black MT skort or shorts, poodle socks, and dance shoes. We have a variety of shorts, t-shirts, and athletic clothing available at the studio, which are all acceptable for class. We've found that dancers are more focused and comfortable when all wearing MT attire in class. 

This policy was put in place as well to eliminate peer pressure due to trendy brands, but, most importantly, we want our students to feel a sense of belonging to a group. We may dance as individuals, but MT stands together as one team. 

Black-Out/Black & White Feis Guidelines

Many Sunday feiseanna are “Black Out” or “Black & White” Feises. The syllabus will note on the info page if it is Black Out/Black & White. This is an opportunity for dancers to dance in a more simple and comfortable costume. (This becomes more appreciated in the higher levels.)

Guidelines for these feises are usually similar to the list below, however ALWAYS check the syllabus to make sure you know how to dress according to the particular feises rules or guidelines!


Please wear: 

  • Plain black skirts, skorts or shorts for girls; plain black pants, shorts or kilts for boys.

  • Plain black top (t-shirt, polo, leotard; short-sleeved or long-sleeved, no sleeveless).

  • Black simple dress with capped or long sleeves (no sleeveless).

  • Black tights or white socks for girls & black or white socks for boys.

  • Optional, but acceptable: buckles, simple black or white headbands and black or white bows.


Please do not wear:

  • Formal school costumes of any sort.

  • Solo dresses.

  • Colored hair accessories.

  • Wigs.

  • Tops with school logos, prints, sequins, stones, etc.


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