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Frequently asked questions

Registration and Tuition FAQ's

Q: Why are you switching to an online registration process? This will provide families the flexibility and convenience of completing registration as well as paying tuition online. The parent portal online registration system will also be used for workshops, showteam, and event registration. The new system is called Jackrabbit, and they partner with SafeSave Payment Systems for credit card and eCheck processing. 


Q: Is there any change in the registration schedule? We are moving to trimesters (Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sept-Dec) to better align to the school calendar year as well as to reduce the number of registration occurrences, which will minimize Jackrabbit registration fees.


Q: How does the tuition billing process work? Everyone will move to a monthly billing cycle and Jackrabbit will automatically bill families through the Parent Portal on the 15th of the prior month. Payments are due by the 1st of the month. 


Q: Has tuition increased? There is no change in tuition costs. We are moving from an annualized monthly average to a cost per class model. This provides transparency in pricing and families only pay for classes held within the month. The class prices automatically adjust each month based on the number of classes scheduled. 


Q: Is there a chance I will pay more or less in a given month?  The tuition is no longer annualized over the entire year (e.g. total annual cost of classes / 12) so the rate will fluctuate each month. For example, there are 4 Saturday classes in January, but fewer in February. Therefore, the tuition will be lower in February than January.


Q: What type of payment options are available? You can pay online via credit card or eCheck (ACH). If you wish to pay cash, you still need to register online, then please place cash (in an envelope labeled with your name and classes) in the Tuition box. The full registration and payment policy is available on the parent portal. 


Jackrabbit uses SafeSave Payment Services which holds a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certification. This is the same data protection standards required for all banks and major credit card companies. For more information on SafeSave Payment Services, you can access their website at


Q: Why do I need to enter my credit card information during registration if I am paying via cash? 

Jackrabbit requires the entry of credit card information for all new families. Transactions will not be posted to your credit card unless you select this payment option during checkout on the parent portal, or in the event you have a past-due balance over 30 days. The full registration and payment policy is available on the portal. 


Q: What discounts are offered? We will continue to offer the sibling discount (10% for the 2nd child; 15% for the 3rd child). Additionally, we are adding a 30% multi-class discount when purchasing 3 or more classes. Discounts do not appear until checkout in Jackrabbit and are not applicable to Workshops or Show Team.


Q: Is there a registration fee? There is a $15 Jackrabbit session registration fee per family for system processing.


Q: What are the schedule and class changes for session 1? We have some new class offerings for all levels to help parents select options that fit their individual family needs. The following schedule changes are in effect for session 1:












Q: How do I find the classes for my dancer’s level on Jackrabbit?

  • Once you access Jackrabbit, click FIND CLASSES on your dashboard.


  • Use the “Add a Filter Option” to select classes by CLASS LEVEL. This will display only the classes in the class level you select.








Q: Why are you changing class schedule?


We are modifying the schedule to better cater to the needs of families and dancers. Our goal is to create class options that cater to each dancer’s needs and ensure your child is provided with the opportunity to be the best dancer they can be. 


Q: Why are all the core PC/OC classes 2 hours?


We’ve taken this opportunity to adapt the schedule to meet the always evolving needs of competitive Champ Dancers. All core classes are 2 hours each and are spaced out throughout the week. It has shown that longer classes help promote athletic endurance and stamina which is critical for competitive champion dancers. This also allows use to consolidate the prior ‘4 Day Competitive’ to be comparable in hours to three core days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and offer the additional Competitive Accel and Set class options.


Q: Are there still FastTrack classes in 2020?


Fast Track 2019 was a huge success and all graduates are now Novice/PW though PC/OC!  We are currently sending invites to parents of new 2020 eligible dancers to form a brand new Fast Track Class of 2020.


Q: What are the class options for Prizewinner Oireachtas Qualifiers?


(Oireachtas is the Mid America Irish Dance Championships aka Regionals) U11-U13 Prizewinner dancers who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all four core dances (SJ, RL, HP, and TJ), at a feis in Mid America, between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020 are qualified to participate in the Oireachtas as a soloist.  Any dancer meeting these qualifications during session 1 will have the option to add the Tuesday PC/OC class (6:30-8:30) and Wednesday Set (4:30-5:30pm) as additional classes to the schedule, and it will be prorated accordingly. During session 1 and 2, PW Oireachtas Qualifiers are required to be registered and participate in a minimum of two additional Novice/Prizewinner classes (Competitive Accel, Thursday N/PW, Saturday N/PW, or Sunday Slow Hardshoe) in order to participate in any PC/OC class. This is to ensure PW dancers are still working on their non-Oireachtas dances needed at feiseanna in order to advance to PC.  In the fall, all non-PC/OC Oireachtas soloists will receive a personalized schedule for Oireachtas preparation.


Q: What are the class options for Non-Champ Nationals Qualifiers?


Any non-champ dancer who qualified for the North American Irish Dance Championships at Oireachtas will have the option to add any PC/OC classes as additional classes to the schedule. During session 1, these dancers are required to participate in a minimum of three total classes (including one Novice /Prizewinner class) in order to participate in the PC/OC classes. During session 2, Nationals soloists will receive a personalized schedule for Nationals preparation. 


Q: Are there minimum class requirements for dancers participating in major competitions?


For PC/OC dancers participating in any major competition (Oireachtas, North American Championships, All Irelands, All Scotlands, Great Britains, and World Championships), they are required to register and participate in a minimum of three solo classes/week during the session the major competition is held. Non PC/OC dancers may have additional class requirements for Oireachtas and North American Championship participation and will be provided to each dancer separately. 


Q: What is PC/OC Unlimited?


This is a membership style option for PC/OC dancers which offers them unlimited access to all PC/OC classes, Competitive Accel and any relevant Sunday hardshoe classes. This cost saving option provides families with total flexibility with class schedules and predictability of monthly tuition. The unlimited option does not include workshops, ceili or show team.  


Q: How do I add classes mid-session?


If you decide mid-session additional classes are needed, you no longer need to wait until the next session to add. You can add the class directly within the Parent Portal at anytime and it will prorate the class accordingly.  

Q: Can I change classes mid-sessions?


Class day changes within the same level are allowed during the session. Email to confirm class availability and to request the class transfer. Any additional tuition will be prorated accordingly. Classes cannot be dropped during the session, and tuition is non-refundable.  


Q: What do I do if my dancer advances class levels mid-session?


If a dancer advances class levels during the session, email and the class schedule will be updated accordingly. Any tuition differences will be prorated accordingly. 


Q: What are Events?


The events section of Jackrabbit is where special workshops and other events are posted for registration.  


Q: Are there any changes to private lessons?


We are looking to move private lesson scheduling and payment to the online portal coming soon. At this time, families should continue to schedule and pay for private lessons in the same manner. Additional information will be provided as it is available. 

Advancement FAQ's

What happens if my dancer advances levels (e.g. prizewinner to PC)?


If a dancer advances to the next level, they can change registration status at the 1st of the month following advancement. U11-U13 prizewinner dancers who qualify for Oireachtas may also change to the PW Oireachtas class registration the 1st of the month following qualification. Tuition rate changes will be prorated accordingly. 

How can I help move my dancer to the next level?


The development needs for each dancer varies dramatically. We recommend dancers interested in advancement register for a Competitive course package since these classes are designed to encourage growth and advancement of dancers. MT also offers performance consultations for competitive dancers with a desire to advance quickly. See Private Lesson & Performance Consultation descriptions for more information. 

How does my dancer get invited to attend the Fast Track or Invitational class?


Fast Track and Invitational classes require intense focus and hard work and are designed for dancers with proven competitive records and demonstration of acceleration capabilities. We recommend registering for a Competitive course package to help accelerate your dancer’s capabilities. MT also offers performance consultations for competitive dancers with a desire to attend Fast Track or Invitational classes. See Private Lesson & Performance Consultation descriptions for more information. My dancer is in multiple levels (e.g. Advanced Beginner and Novice).

What class option do I select?


Dancers must be Novice in all dances (LJ, RL, SJ, HP, TJ and PD/TS) and be capable of dancing slow hornpipe and treble jig to move to the Novice/Prizewinner class options. Novice and prizewinner classes are combined. See Meghan if you have questions about your dancer’s current level. 


Are there payment plans available?


Yes, dancers are registered quarterly, but tuition can be paid in either 1 quarterly payment or 3 monthly payments. Families receive a discounted rate when selecting the quarterly payment option. 

Are there sibling discounts?


Yes, families with 2 dancers receive a 10% discount on the 2nd dancer and families with 3 or more dancers receive a 15% discount on the 3rd and additional dancers. Discounts are taken on the lowest tuition rate(s).


How does my dancer advance in competition?


Dancers can advance in competition by participating in fesianna, and placing consistently to move to the next level. For a full description of each level and how to get there, please visit the Competition Qualificaion page.